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About Us

About Us

What is this chiropractic school review website all about?
This site was built and designed to assist new chiropractic students in selecting the school that is right for them. It also provides a way for former chiropractic students (graduates) to share information about their experiences while attending chiropractic school. Think of it like a public report card on the status at each college.

Planet Chiropractic School and College Reviews is part of the network. This is one of several projects we are currently working on. The school review project came out of a desire to provide a space online where potential chiropractic students could gather information regarding the various chiropractic schools throughout the world.

Which school is best?
Choosing the right college is a critical first step when embarking on a career as a Doctor of Chiropractic. In the past, many prospective students had to rely on information they received from school representatives, brochures, and sometimes maybe even a few visits to various campuses. How many chiropractic students have ever had the opportunity or time to visit the majority of chiropractic schools throughout the world before making that important decision? Not all chiropractic schools are created equal. Almost no one entering chiropractic school knows this. It is not until we are in school that we hear what is going on elsewhere. Sometimes we hear the grass is greener in Davenport and sometimes we hear it is greener in Hayward. We hope that this website will provide a way for you to make a better educated choice in selecting the school that is right for you. We are continuing to work on this project and there are new reviews being added every week.

Why chiropractic school reviews?
As mentioned above, not all chiropractic schools are created equally. While all typically strive to get students adequately prepared for National and State exams, they vary greatly in things such as adjustive techniques taught, levels of clinical excellence, adherence to chiropractic principles, size of student bodies, post graduate support, etc... The list goes on and on. We hope that the strengths as well as weaknesses will be addressed here so that prospective students can make the best possible choices in chiropractic education.

A message to doctors and former students: I want to thank you in advance for taking the time to register and sharing your experiences with others. I wish that we had this when I was a chiropractic student. Together, we can provide a most valuable tool to educate prospective students about what chiropractic education is and is not. We can create a place where we feel confident referring our patients & family members when they ask us that question... "Doctor, I'd like to become a chiropractor. Can you suggest a place to get more information?"

In order to write reviews you will have to register. The process is very easy and you can begin writing your first review in minutes. We will not post your personal information along with your review, only the username that you create will be displayed.

Here is to you and the future of chiropractic worldwide!

- Dr. Michael Dorausch, Founder and President

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