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We are in the process of adding some sponsorship display ads to the reviews section of our website. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor feel free to contact us via EMAIL.

Sponsors we think would be a good fit are...

Student Loan Consolidation
Student loan consolidators would be a good fit since nearly all chiropractic students in the US take out federally funded loans. Consolidators can take your loan amount and find out how much you can save on a monthly basis when you consolidate your federal student loans.

Most of the student loan websites have simple online applications you can fill out. You'll want to submit your enrollment status (not enrolled vs. enrolled less than half-time vs. enrolled half-time or more) and information such as anticipated graduation date. They may also want to know if all of your loans (if you have more than one) are to be consolidated.

Determination of Eligibility
Most loan consolidators require you have a combined total of at least ,000 in eligible federal student loans that you want to consolidate. This is not a minimum amount for each loan, but a total minimum balance for all the eligible federal student loans you wish to consolidate. Most chiropractic students have far more than the eligible minimum balance for consolidation.

If your loans are not in good standing (in default) you cannot consolidate. You will have to contact your current lender or guarantor for information on how to resolve your defaulted loan. You can always call the financial aid department at your chiropractic college and ask for assistance.

Other Sponsor Ideas include...
Continuing and Post Education Programs
Post Graduate Certification Programs
Financial Houses and Lenders
Credit Agencies
Pre Requisite Chiropractic Educational Programs

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